The 2017 year has brought huge leaps in wireless lighting with the addition of two new wireless technologies.  These have yet to find solid footings in the lighting industry, but are poised to shortly solve most of the wireless problems seen today in early systems.  While these new technologies are not quite yet released to the mainstream, they find themselves in a great position to finally bring reliable lighting and wireless together.

These great upcoming wireless technologies are Thread and Mesh.  Both have been deployed in smaller beta installations, and 2018 will be the year of these becoming more readily available to customers in final products.  Thread has found its way into the iOT space in a few well known brands in proprietary networks, while the Mesh specification finalizing this year..  Both are moving into the lighting space, but have not really found homes in lighting products.  Zigbee still is the dominant wireless technology, and gets the job done, but is not open source and products from different companies do not play well together.  ZWave also has made inroads, but is also proprietary.

At Illum, we are betting on both Thread and Mesh. Our Thread platform is releasing in 2018 to the general public, followed by our Mesh offerings.  Both of these technologies will be the platforms of the future, and Illum is ready to help you solve your wireless needs today!