VeraPOWER. Optimizing power to the max.

Through VeraPOWER, Illum Technology optimizes the power requirements for your specific lighting applications.  These solutions can take the form of standard external brick solutions or integrated on-board products.  VeraPOWER offers VeraWATT, intelliHUB, and VeraDIM for your standard power needs or for more custom power solutions, check out VeraDesign.

Smart DMX Lighting Done Right

DMX and RDM are a way of life at Illum Technology; from high-end movie, film, theatrical, and stage lighting with impressive dimming control to single channel low power systems. We can deliver a wide range of power levels, driving single to multiple fixtures with up to hundreds of watts. For example, nothing is more demanding on lighting than stage, film, or studio lighting.

VeraWATT is what we call our higher power DMX wired communications line of products that meet the stringent needs of Hollywood and Bollywood alike. VeraWATT solves every need from single channel to tens of channels, color mixing like RGB plus other colors, and white color tuning; you name it! Power is never the issue, VeraWATT scales like no other solution on the market while keeping all the factors that make high-end LED lighting so demanding.


Close your eyes, imagine that last rock-and-roll show that you saw on TV or maybe even a live show. That was all done with DMX, and RDM plays a large part in creating those lighting shows. At Illum, our DMX and RDM stacks are mature and trouble free; which allows customers to define their product needs and not be concerned about DMX performance. VeraWATT is your answer to precision DMX-RDM jobs, making your project a done deal with Illum Technology.

Lighting technology is moving at an exponential pace. Competitors of yesterday are finding themselves in an ever changing arms race of technology.


Power bricks are multi-port LED driver hubs that can illuminate multiple LED fixtures from a single block of control. Lighting sensors (like occupancy and light harvesting) can be directly connected to the brick to develop lighting output patterns based on operational rules that are easy to define using our Windows application. IntelliHUB is DC powered from 15-50VDC, allowing for low voltage wiring and is also DMX-RDM ready.

The base IntelliHUB has six constant current LED driver ports that are ready to connect to LED fixtures with no drivers inside. Also, the IntelliHUB is ready to provide up to 50W of power per port with the simple addition of a low cost, commercially available AC-DC power supply. Need instant LED power? The IntelliHUB is ready to go right out of the box.

Plus, IntelliHUB connects to standard 0-10V sensors like occupancy and daylight harvesting to create a very intelligent lighting network that requires NO central connection or expensive software. The IntelliHUB operates on its own, and in its own control zone as programmed by you using our simple WinGUI software with a simple USB connection. You define operating rules, timing, and sensor maps with simplistic operating software that relieves you of having to be a software expert. Instant ON? Timed ON? Sensor-driven ON? Yes, all with a few clicks of the mouse.


DC wiring and DC powered LED fixtures are quickly starting to be in customer’s minds. The ability to connect lower cost DC powered LED fixtures and the ability to not need expensive central controllers, means that you can spend your time and money making more money. Need something different, more ports, less ports, or something a little more elaborate? Ask us, we’ll listen.


Illum Technologies’ VeraDIM line of LED drivers brings incandescent level performance to the TRIAC dimming LED driver market at an affordable price. With the iTEL8 processing chip, no other driver can ride the AC phase cut wave as perfectly as VeraDIM.

VeraDIM offers unheard of performance for a phase cut LED driver with THD under 15% and wattages available as high as 160W. No other driver on the market can match the performance, cost, and scalability of the VeraDIM LED driver powered by the iTEL8 offline processor. With integrated Adaptive Thermal Rollback, the VeraDIM will never burn out and will roll back power to protect your lights.


VeraDIM brings to market for the first time our patented and revolutionary iTEL8 mixed signal analog and digital lighting control processor. This advanced dimming controller allows VeraDIM to outperform any TRIAC LED dimming driver. iTEL8 is a giant leap forward in dealing with older legacy TRIAC dimmers and its unique approach not only gives you better dimming than any other driver, but better performance in areas such as THD, pop-on, and flickering. Software powered and perfected by our engineers, iTEL8 will give your product buttery smooth dimming without breaking the bank.  Forward, reverse, and RMS dimming alike too, iTEL8 does not care what line dimming technology is there.

Like a light bulb?  Yes, perfect dimming every time.

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