VeraLight. Light quality starts here.

Through Veralight, Illum Technology provides illumination engineering and product solutions. We work with our customers to define the light output requirements along with the physical and mechanical constraints. We then design the circuit boards, define the most appropriate LEDS including the mechanical structure and the power requirements. We can also assist customers in evaluating their designs. VeraLight offers VeraCOLOR for your standard lighting needs or for more custom illumination, check out VeraDesign.

Adding COLOR to your world.

Multi-channel LED driver technology allows us to combine different LED colors to create a solution that offers the color you want with the control you need. The VeraCOLOR product line can offer you full color RGBW or multi-channel white color tuning. VeraCOLOR is unique by combining both LEDs and LED drivers on a single board, allowing for simple installation into linear or other LED fixtures.

“Color” can mean both Red, Green, Blue, etc. (RGB) or white color tuning by utilizing multiple CCT colored LEDs to create any color scheme needed. The linear form factor is not mandatory but the beauty of LEDs is that they can be placed in almost any mechanical configuration, allowing you to create bendable light. Why not colorize that light as well? Make it simple with VeraCOLOR; ready to work for you where needed. Customers can even combine VeraCOLOR with VeraCOM to create your own specific color and control needs at the touch of a button.


Choosing the right LEDs and LED drivers are what keep lighting customers up at night. Having the ability to create light of any color and any shape is exactly what’s changing the lighting industry with LEDs at the forefront. VeraCOLOR keeps it simple by putting the difficulty on our shoulders, and tied together with VeraCOM, that difficulty goes away. Need color? Right this way…


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