For most people, the day always seems to finish with more to do than when it started. Illum Technology is a problem-solving organization that is dedicated to the lighting market. We help customers create new and exciting products by utilizing software defined lighting practices. Call us your “to-do” supplier. We are here to listen to your needs and provide solutions that make sense at the budget you need.

Where do we fit? Simply put, we don’t do “on-off” where other lower level technology suppliers seem to play. If you’re looking to solve creative problems with LED lighting that needs to offer more than “on-off” performance, then Illum is your partner. We can help take your dream to market, from design to manufacturing right here in the USA.

Our normal indicator to whether we are the right choice is in the software component. We are a software company; so if the product requires smarts or intelligence, then we’re the right company to talk to. Our team has been providing software solutions to lighting customers for more than seven years, offering a wide range of capabilities from movie lights to color controlled down lights.


Engaging with our team is actually very simple. We work closely with you to create a product specification. Once that is complete, we offer two prices: engineering samples and expected production pricing. We create the first run engineering samples with UL or ETL safety in mind, so that perhaps you can take these to certification in a rapid process. Next, we move to production manufacturing. Depending on quantity, we can offer USA manufacturing or a choice location in other manufacturing locales. For as upholding high customer service standards, we diligently keep you informed and make sure you’re involved at every decision point in this process.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. It really is that easy.

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