Architectural and Theatrical Smart LED Lighting.

Since 2009, the team at Illum Technology has concentrated on solving lighting problems while keeping customer dreams in focus. We understand your challenges in the ever-changing LED lighting market. Software makes the world go ‘round, and with the fast-paced IoT world, customers are expecting and demanding smart lighting that can be locally controlled right from their mobile phone. Fortunately, at Illum, we speak fluent “mobile.” Illum offers four distinct brands: our standard line of VeraLight, VeraPOWER, and VeraCOM products which can be immediately used or for more challenging custom needs, Illum offers VeraDesign; a complete rapid product development life-cycle from concept to manufacturing along with semi-standard solutions. Dream come true? Yes; so go ahead and choose your path, we’ll light the way.


Through our VeraDesign division, Illum Technology partners with you for lighting solutions that brings your business an edge in a very competitive market. Since our engineering and development is in the United States, Illum Technology engineers will work with your team in a quick and time efficient manner to fast-track product development.

By having a world-wide manufacturing footprint, we can offer you our global logistics. This allows Illum Technology to deliver final solutions wherever you need them. We’re uniquely positioned today to assist you in building your product of tomorrow.

At Illum Technology, we get the job done! No matter how large the challenge, our hardware and software development teams and our “can do” attitude work for you. We work harder, smarter, and more efficiently to keep costs down while offering a fast-cycle prototyping to rapidly bring your products to life. Illum Technology has the tools, staff, and the experience to make your product dreams become reality.


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